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Motor Contol Center

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Motor Control Center

Electric Controls Company supplies integration services for factory motor control centers. This control section was part of a large Cutler-Hammer motor control center. The MCC was shipped to the jobsite. The control section was sent to ECC for fabrication. The completed control section was sent to the jobsite with an interface wiring diagram to simplify installation by the field electrician. The section controlled six submersible pumps. The MOSCAD system was used for automatic control interfaced with a touchscreen operator interface. The panel also features a fully-redundant relay control system and automatic alarm dialer. Both doors contain spare wiring looms for any future expansion.

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Main Plant Control Panel

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Main Plant Contol

This is a typical example of an ECC “plant” panel. This panel is the only electrical panel in the well house. The incoming power lands on the main breaker and is distributed throughout the panel. The breakers and building loadcenter are accessible through opening in the enclosure doors. Space was left in this panel for a future second well pump motor. The well control pressure switch and pressure gauge are integrated into this panel as well as spare wiring looms for any future expansion. A leg skirt hides any unsightly building wiring.

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Field Interface Unit

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Field Interface Unit

Every SCADA system has a “central” typically located at the water or wastewater plant. This MOSCAD central or “Field Interface Unit” (FIU) was for a wastewater collection system and plant. In addition to collecting data from remote sites, this MOSCAD operates the City’s activated sludge treatment plant. The MOSCAD communicates over a modbus link to a Intellution IFIX MMI software package to provide the operators with monitoring, control and data logging. The FIU panel features plenty of spare capacity for future plant expansion, interposing relays for high amperage loads and in-line transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS). Note the as-built drawings in a print pocket as well as a reduced size as-built laminated to the door.

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Remote Terminal Unit

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Remote Terminal Unit

ECC typically supplies an integrated package at the remote sites in a SCADA system. This MOSCAD remote terminal unit (RTU) is monitoring two tank levels and controlling four load at the remote site. The panel features a three-slot MOSCAD, two pressure transmitters with integral piping and shutoff valves, two panel-mounted displays, interposing relays and TVSS equipment (both on the incoming AC and on the coaxial cable). Once again, panel as-builts are laminated inside the panel.

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Duplex Lift Station

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Duplex Lift Station Control Panel

This is a typical example of a duplex lift station control panel. Enclosure is a “special”: modified Nema 3R, stainless steel enclosure with three point padlockable handle with “swing-out” inner operator’s door. With the inner door closed, the operator is protected from any hazardous voltages. Note the breaker toggles extending through the opening in the door. The operator pilot devices, spare wire loom, GFI receptacle and condensation heater are all mounted on this inner door. The panel features Cutler-Hammer control, pump seal failure detection, pump alternator, phase monitor, lightning arrestor and 120 VAC TVSS.  Once again, panel as-builts are laminated inside the panel.

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