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Electrical Design:

  • SCADA design and interface
  • Control system design-build of logic controls and instrument loops
  • Power system design-build
  • Electrical-mechanical interface with existing systems
  • Soft start and variable speed pumping system design

Programming Services:

  • Full logic development and programming of most popular programmable controllers
  • Full logic development and programming of the Motorola MOSCAD system
  • Full communication configuration of the Motorola MOSCAD system
  • Programming of most popular operator interface devices
  • Full development of the Intellution MMI with interfaces to other serial devices
  • Development and implementation of Windows-based computer networks
  • Programming of most popular variable frequency drives

Program Development

   ECC Services Offered

Panel Fabrication:

  • Full service UL508 panel shop
  • In-house modification to new panels, existing panels, and motor control centers.
  • Custom fabricated brackets, barriers, etc.
  • Cable and wiring loom fabrication



Panel Fabrication

   ECC Services Offered

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